Program Information

All new swimmers to our club are requested to register for an assessment. 

In most cases, you will complete an in pool assessment to receive a placement with a swim group. The Head Coach may place some swimmers directly into a group without requiring an in person assessment, based on past swimming results. 

Our Senior Program is designed for swimmers aged 14 & over who are competing in a wide range of events including AA, AAA, East Coast, and National Levels. Swimmers will be placed in groups based on their desired commitment level and the standards they have achieved.

Our Junior Program is designed for swimmers aged between 11 and 14 who have achieved success in the Novatech program and are exercising and improving their competitive skills. They are competing at and moving through the AA and AAA provincial standards. 

The Trojan Academy is designed with younger and new swimmers in mind. It focuses on building the required skills to enter into competition and supports them as they move through the Novatech program. The Academy builds the foundation required for swimmers to experience success in the Junior Program.


Our Swim4 Life program is designed to provide adult swimmers (18 & over) with the coaching and practice support to meet their goals, whether they are competing at Nationals, focused on fitness or improving their swimming skills.